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i ship cockles with all my heart & every time they look at each other i squeal & every time they touch i die

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Garbage words Misha has probably said to Jensen at some point


  • "Are you trying to make me hard right now?"
  • "You smell nice"
  • "Come in my mouth"
  • "Shhh you don’t want them to hear, do you?"
  • "Fuck me harder"
  • "My ass still hurts from yesterday"
  • "Have you ever tried [obscure sexual kink]?"
  • "Your trailer. Now."
  • "Kiss me"
  • "You have freckles everywhere"
  • "Stop, Jay, you’re gonna leave a mark"
  • "Where should we go for dinner?"
  • "You’d look nice in a dress"
  • "~Sure thing, Dean"
  • "I wish I could kiss you here"
  • "You’re gorgeous"
  • "You’re adorable"
  • "You’re a fucking prick"
  • "How do you want your meat done?"~
  • "I’m not gonna hide it from my kids"
  • "I’m proud of you"
  • "~when the trailer’s a rockin…"
  • "Your fucking mouth"
  • "Can I borrow some clothes?" /while already putting them on/
  • "Why are you hard, I’m not even doing anything"
  • "Call me Mr. Director"
  • //fake scandalized gasp//
  • "Stop looking at me like that… Stop it!"
  • "Did you lock it?"
  • "I wanted to surprise you"
  • "Your dad call yet?"
  • "Jensen, this must have cost a fortune"
  • "Okay, it’s not that funny”
  • "Aye aye, Captain"
  • "Danneel agrees with me"
  • "Are you trying to get me drunk?"
  • "I’ve missed you"
  • "I love you"
  • "She has your ears"
  • "I’m your baby daddy"
  • "Wake up, sleepyhead"
  • "I love your tummy"
  • "Wanna wrestle?"
  • "You should show me some respect"
  • "Nothing rhymes with ‘Jensen’"
  • "If you catch my cold, people are gonna talk"
  • "You were a twink"
  • "Give Danneel a kiss for me"
  • "Real Housewives again?"
  • "We can be a little late"
  • "Play me something"



#who cares what you’re talking about #just sit together and stare at each other

But they’re talking about filming together in Hawaii, Anna.  :3


Misha & Jensen - JibCon 2014 (x)

cockles is real


cockles is real


#JFC look at them #spin and laugh the same way #i cant even

Jensen talking about Misha

So I was going through the GISHWHES mansion, and…



Here is Jensen, in a painting called “The Boy in Blue.”


Here is Misha, in a painting called “The Boy With No Pearl.”


Did Misha just…?